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Start End Event
Jul 28 (Mon) Aug 3 (Sun)
Jul 7 (Mon) Aug 3 (Sun)   Guild Event
Jul 21 (Mon) Aug 3 (Sun)
Jul 28 (Mon) Aug 10 (Sun)
Jul 25 (Fri) Jul 29 (Tue)   One-off Stage
Jul 28 (Mon) Aug 31 (Sun)   Infinite Transmigration
Aug 4 (Mon) Aug 10 (Sun)
Aug 4 (Mon) Aug 17 (Sun)
【Tower of Saviors in Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong Celebration Events】
Jul 25 (Fri) Jul 29 (Tue) Daily Login Diamond: Diamond 2 per day (10 total)
Tower of Saviors Exceeds 14 million Downloads Worldwide Celebration Events
Jul 30 (Wed) Aug 8 (Fri) Daily Login Diamond: Diamond 1 per day (10 total)
Aug 9 (Sat) Aug 10 (Sun) Daily Login Coins: Coin 200,000 per day (400,000)
Aug 2 (Sat) Aug 3 (Sun) Prime Soulstones raids in Instant Battles
Aug 3 (Sun) Greater chance to achieve "Brilliant" and "Perfect" level up results
Aug 4 (Mon) Aug 10 (Sun) 『Murmurs of the Monarch』 Guild Point Event
Aug 8 (Fri) Father's Day Gift: 1 extra chance drawing Diamond Seal Card would be given when performing the Diamond Seal Card Draw for the first time on the day

Sunday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Monday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Tuesday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Wednesday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Thursday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Friday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Saturday Daily Stages:

Instant Battle:

Tower of Saviors - Full Version English (Coming Soon)02:03

Tower of Saviors - Full Version English (Coming Soon)


Game Basic Info
Name: Tower of Saviors ITunes

Launch Date: iOS: January 28 2013
Android: January 29 2013
Genre: Puzzle Game(PUZ) /
Role-Playing Game(RPG)
Languages: Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English, Korean, Thai
Developer: Mad Head Limited
Requirements: iOS 4.3 or a higher generation
Android 2.3 or a higher generation
Price: Free (has in-app purchases)
Diamond Seal Card Draw


Time: Jul 28 (Mon) 00:00 - Aug 3 (Sun) 23:59

Guidance from the Sacred Light - Greater chance to get Light cards

Even greater chance for:
5* Luna the Saintly Warrior
5* The Doubtful Samurai

【Tower of Saviors Version 7.0 『Strains of Glory』 Mandatory Server Maintenance Completed】

17 July, 2014

Version 7.0 『Strains of Glory』Update Patch Notes:

The mandatory server maintenance for Version 7.0 update is completed. Both Summoners of iOS and Android must update to Version 7.0 to continue the adventure.

In Version 7.0, new characters would be available in Diamond Seal Card draw! Details of celebration events for the version update would be announced soon, stick to the TOS Official Facebook Fan Page and Website if you want first-hand information!


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