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Start End Event
Oct 27 (Mon) Nov 2 (Sun)
Oct 13 (Mon) Nov 16 (Sun)   Black Hole Infinite Transmigration
Oct 20 (Tue) Nov 2 (Sun)
Oct 27 (Tue) Nov 9 (Sun)
Nov 3 (Mon) Dec 7 (Sun)   Infinite Transmigration
Nov 3 (Mon) Nov 9 (Sun)   Guild Event
Nov 5 (Wed)   Soulmaster Stage w/ new "Nightmare Level"
Nov 10 (Mon) Nov 16 (Sun)
Nov 10 (Mon) -- Return of 『The Visitor from afar』: raids in the stage during the event!
Nov 10 (Mon) Companions of Travellers』will be available to evolve
Anger of the Unyielding King
Nov 1 (Sat) Daily Login Gift: Coinchest 5 "Inventory capacities"
Nov 2 (Sun) Daily Login Gift: Friendlist 5 "Friend List capacities"
Nov 3 (Mon) Nov 9 (Sun) Daily Login Diamond: Diamond 1 per day (7 total)
Nov 5 (Wed) Stamina Gift: Stamina x1 Stamina Refill (must be used that day)
Nov 1 (Sat) Nov 9 (Sun) Purchase Reward: No matter a purchase has been made before or not, when making a single purchase of 6 or more diamonds during this event, you will receive one chance drawing characters from『12 Zodiacs – Chapter 2』and Soul x200 souls. Each Summoner could receive the reward once.

Sunday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Monday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Tuesday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Wednesday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Thursday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Friday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Saturday Daily Stages:

Instant Battle:

Game Basic Info
Name: Tower of Saviors

Launch Date: iOS: January 28 2013
Android: January 29 2013
Genre: Puzzle Game(PUZ) /
Role-Playing Game(RPG)
Languages: Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English, Korean, Thai
Developer: Mad Head Limited
Requirements: iOS 4.3 or a higher generation
Android 2.3 or a higher generation
Price: Free (has in-app purchases)
Diamond Seal Card Draw


Time: Oct 27 (Mon) 00:00 - Nov 2 (Sun) 23:59

Gift from the Flare Messenger - Greater chance to get Fire cards

Even greater chance for:


Time: Nov 3 (Mon) 00:00 - Nov 9 (Sun) 23:59

Reward from the Holy Tree - Greater chance to get Earth cards

Even greater chance for:

『Metallic Beasts』series added into Friend Point Seal Card Draw

23 October, 2014

Starting from Oct 27 (Mon) 11am, UTC+08, the Metallic Beasts series will be added into Friend Point Seal Card Draw.

【First Quarter of『League Match』has begun】

The First quarter of『League Match』starts today Oct 27 (Mon)!

New looks of 『Moirai Sister』could be redeemed for 250 Prize Points.『Corpse Bride Urd』is available from today Oct 27 (Mon) for redemption. In addition,『Skuld the Roguish Knight』will be available starting tomorrow Oct 28 (Tue) and『Verthandi the Liqueur Vampire』will be starting on the day after tomorrow Oct 29 (Wed).

Details on League Match:
Summoners can earn League Match points and Reward points by winning 『League Match』. Summoners will be rewarded with extra League Match points and Reward points by winning consecutive battles.

❖ Champion will receive 20 League Match points and 20 Reward points.
❖ First runner-up will receive 10 League Match points and 10 Reward points.
❖ Second runner-up will receive 0 League Match point and 0 Reward point.
❖ Third runner-up will receive -30 League Match point and 0 Reward point.

Summoners can choose the new look on the card interface after redemption, the looks will never expire.


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Game Video

Tower of Saviors - Full Version English (Coming Soon)02:03

Tower of Saviors - Full Version English (Coming Soon)

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