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Start End Event
Nov 17 (Mon) Nov 23 (Sun)
Nov 3 (Mon) Dec 7 (Sun)   Infinite Transmigration
Nov 10 (Mon) Nov 23 (Sun)
Nov 17 (Mon) Nov 30 (Sun)
Nov 17 (Mon) Nov 23 (Sun)
Nov 10 (Mon) Dec 14 (Sun) Return of 『The Visitors from afar』: raids in the stage during the event!
Nov 17 (Mon) Nov 23 (Sun)
Nov 21 (Fri)
Nov 22 (Sat)
Summoner League
Nov 17 (Mon) Nov 23 (Sun)
TOS Chinese Fan Page Exceeds 3.4M Celebration
Nov 17 (Mon) Nov 21 (Fri) Daily Login Diamond: Diamond 1 per day (5 total)
Nov 22 (Sat) Daily Login Gift: Coinchest 5 "Inventory capacities"
Nov 23 (Sun) Daily Login Gift: Friendlist 5 "Friend List capacities"
Nov 22 (Sat) Nov 23 (Sun) -50% Required Stamina for 『The Blood Sacrifice

Sunday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Monday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Tuesday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Wednesday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Thursday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Friday Daily Stage:

Instant Battle:

Saturday Daily Stages:

Instant Battle:

Game Basic Info
Name: Tower of Saviors

Launch Date: iOS: January 28 2013
Android: January 29 2013
Genre: Puzzle Game(PUZ) /
Role-Playing Game(RPG)
Languages: Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English, Korean, Thai
Developer: Mad Head Limited
Requirements: iOS 4.3 or a higher generation
Android 2.3 or a higher generation
Price: Free (has in-app purchases)
Diamond Seal Card Draw


Time: Nov 17 (Mon) 00:00 - Nov 23 (Sun) 23:59

Oath from the Dark Spirit - Greater chance to get Dark cards

Even greater chance for:


Time: Nov 24 (Mon) 00:00 - Nov 30 (Sun) 23:59

Wish from the Sea Goddess - Greater chance to get Water cards

Even greater chance for:

【League Match - Ranking Update on 1st Quarter】

League Match has entered the fourth week of the first quarter, how many League Scores did you earn so far?

Starting from Nov 24, all stage and quarter update time will unify to UTC+08. Next week's competition "Shadow of Competition" will start on Nov 24, 0:00am UTC +08.

When Summoners' League Score reaches the specified achievement, Summoners will be awarded a ranking and honor badges. The game system will based on the League Score to update the ranking and the conditions once a week.

Ranking conditions for this week are as follow:
❖ Newbie: Finished 6 Games
❖ Junior: Finished 16 Games
❖ Senior: Finished 31 Games
❖ Expert: League Score 4960 or above
❖ Hero: League Score 5034 or above
❖ Legend: League Score 5510 or above

Tower of Saviors Android Version 7.25

6 November, 2014

Download link:

Tower of Saviors Android Version 7.25 is available now! To ensure smooth function of the game, Summoners are advised to download the latest version and update the game immediately.

Details on version update:

Version 7.25 for iOS will be released later. Please Stay tuned with TOS Fan Page and Official Website for the latest news.

News update!

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Game Video

Tower of Saviors - Full Version English (Coming Soon)02:03

Tower of Saviors - Full Version English (Coming Soon)

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