Caution: Page is still a work in progress. Starting from version 14.3 Madhead introduced Dragonware, an adition to Dragonary Crafts that increases the power of certain cards by equiping "Dragonware". Each card can only equip the dragonware that is unique for them. This means that to make and use dragonware, two of a card is needed.


To forge a dragonware for a certain card the following is needed:

  • Component * 2 (both needs to be the same)
  • 5 Star or above card (This will be lost, make sure you have two!)


To forge dragonware go to the Craft Forge, select "Forge Dragonware" and select the components. The first is the card, and then the 2 dragonware components.

Dragonware Available:Edit

Currently the following sets of dragonware are available:

  • Chinese Gods
    • Effects (Increase HP, Attack and Recovery by 10%)
      • 1: Active skill of the character CD -1
      • 2: +1s runestone moving time
      • 3:  Upon the Round of activation of the Active Skill, Attributive Attack ↑ 15%
  • Protagonists
    • Effects (Increase Attack and Recovery by 10%)
      • 1:  Active Skill CD of the Monster - 1.
      • 2: By dissolving 20 or more runestones, the monster's attack x 2.
  • Servants of Dragons
    • Effects (Increase HP and Attack by 10%)
      • 1: After entering a Stage, Active Skill CD of the Monster -3
      • 2: By dissolving a group of 6 or more (Attributive) Runestones, Dragon Attack x 1.15
  • Valkyries / The Norms
    • Effects (Increase HP, Attack and Recovery by 10%)
      • 1: By dissolving a group of 5 or more (Attributive) Runestones, God Attack x 1.2.
      • 2: By dissolving 4 or more Heart Runestones, recover HP as much as 1.5x Team Recovery