Virtual Rebirth is the next stage of evolution after Power Release.

Like Power Release, Virtual Rebirth requires some materials to evolve. However, the difference with Power Release is that it's also possible to evolve the card using a copy of the card in any rarity incarnation. Some materials can only be acquired at the Black Hole Stage "Gate of Riddles" and/or at special battles. From these materials, each are specific for species, series or monster.

VR Materials for specific species:

  • 429i
    - Humans
  • 430i
    - Gods
  • 502i
    - Beasts
  • 503i
    - Dragons
  • 504i
    - Elves

Like Power Release, the monster:

  • Has to fight alone some special battle. If it fails, it will only lose the stamina consumed, but player can spend diamonds to continue the fight
  • Does not need to be max level
  • Keeps the amount of "accumulated exp" it had before evolving. However, as the Exp Curve generally increases, the monster may lose some levels

After the VR Battle, Summoners can choose one of two forms, for a variety of teams and strategies.

For a list of monsters in Virtual Rebirth form, see Category:Virtual Rebirth.

Virtual Rebirth Stages‎
Norse Gods
Chinese Gods
Sealed Lords

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