Application for Wikia AdministratorsEdit

Ever since the game launched, the number of players of TOS has been quickly rising. The set up of a wikia is a great platform for players to exchange opinions and ideas about the game.

The link to our Wikia:

Being the main resource of strategy for players, the accuracy and abundancy will be the focus of this Wikia. To sustain that, we need a certain amount of volunteers (since this is an unofficial wikia) to do that in providing the best gameplay experience for all players of Tower of Saviors!

Here's the requirements:

- Have basic knowledge towards building a Wikia, Javascript and coding

- Able to maintain the function of the Wikia (Update, amend, and stablize)

- Have a Wikia account

- Love playing Tower of Saviors; Have understanding towards Tower of Saviors

Email will be the mode of communication for now. We will provide a platform soon, be it Whatsapp/FGacebook chat/Skype, since there's currently no platform for the admins to discuss together.

For interested parties, please leave your email address or Wikia account name after logging in it. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!

If you do not have any experience in editing a Wikia, you're not suggested to leave your name.

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